Our team of compassionate and certified fitters will help you every step of your journey. To ensure you are comfortable post surgery, make us your first stop and get fitted with a mastectomy camisole with drain management.

Our selection of products is specifically designed to nurture and protect delicate skin, while helping you return to your active life with confidence. Prothesis, lingerie, swimwear and sportswear will ensure you move through life confidently.

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As a center for women with breast cancer, we wanted to ensure we have experienced certified compression garment fitters on staff for all your lymphedema concerns.

Compassionate Beauty is an Alberta Aids To Daily Living resource for compression sleeves, gloves and guantlets. This means we can apply for your government benefits at the store.

Preventative products can also be of beneift to women traveling abroad.

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"Things are feeling out of control", No doubt this is huge for you. Hopefully you have time to visit us before treatment starts so we can take the time to ensure you are well equipped to get you through the next months without hair.

We have a large selection of caps and hats to keep you comfortable. Wigs for all budgets will help keep you looking like you. Our stylists will ensure your wig is customized to fit so you can confidentially rock your new look.

Scalp care, specialized skincare specific to your treatment and other related essentials are also available to ensure your comfort.

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When you cannot take advantage of our personalized services because visiting us in-store in not always possible, the next vest thing is our online store. We are regularly adding to our selection of products available in our online store.

Our online selection includes recovery wear, scalp care during treatment, and more. We can also have customize gifts for friends or collegues.

Our Gift Cards can be the perfect gift choice.

We also welcome your questions either by phone, email or FaceTime us to personalze the experience.

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Doctor recommended

“My practice is devoted to breast cancer and thus I have had the opportunity to work with their very professional staff and several hundreds of my patients have been able to make their journey through cancer care much more pleasant because of Compassionate Beauty”-- Dr. Rene Lafreniere, MD, CM, FRCSC Professor of Surgery, Oncology and Anesthesia, University of Calgary

At Compassionate Beauty We Believe in The Old Fashioned Value of One on One, Face to Face

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