TERAPO MEDIK, a new, highly exclusive, product line at Compassionate Beauty

Terapo Medik (TM) was developed by the Canadian company, Laboratoire Nature, and is a professional line of shampoos and treatments that use only carefully chosen natural ingredients, which makes it a premium scalp health care solution. Whether the hair loss is caused from alopecia, chemotherapy, or radiation, TM can help your scalp give relief to irritation, itchiness and dryness, and eventually help your hair come into its full potential. Read on to learn about the different products and which may be best suited to you and your needs!

Chemotherapy and Radiation

People undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy have much less active sebaceous glandsand papillae, causing the skin and scalp to become very dry. To prevent thinning due to hair follicle shrinkage, their sebaceous glands must be stimulated.

With the Térapo Médik line, you can moisturize your scalp throughout the therapy period, using gentle, natural products that were specially designed for your condition.

At home, you can use Feminine Complex Shampoo to clean and purify the scalp, normalize the hair cycle and stimulate regrowth. To moisturize a sensitive scalp due to treatment effects, you can alternate between Feminine Complex Shampoo and Dry Scalp Shampoo. No lotions should be used during the treatment period.

For body care, we recommend Bioplant Protective Body Wash. Its 100% natural ingredients are mineral oil-free,silicone-free, sulfate-free and residue-free. This pH-balanced body wash contains sweet almond oil and B5 provitamins to provide the skin with a complete and natural protective barrier against environmental aggressors.

30 Days After Chemotherapy / Radiation Treatment

Continue home care by applying a few drops of Stimulating Complex Lotion to the scalp after each shampoo (at least 3 times a week). Based on amino acids, proteins and vitamins, this concentrate of active biological ingredients is designed to restore body and vitality to thinning hair by stimulating hair bulbs and strengthening the fibres.

60 Days After Chemotherapy / Radiation Treatment

Book an appointment with our Trichology Expert, Colleen, for a scalp care procedure that restores suppleness and moisture to the scalp. Remember: do not have any coloring, bleaching or perm work done until six months after her chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatments.


Feminine Complex Shampoo: Treatment designed to cleanse and thoroughly purify the scalp and hair in order to regulate the hair cycle. This shampoo is designed exclusively for women due to the difference in hormonal makeup between men and women.

Masculine Complex Shampoo: Treatment designed to cleanse the scalp of calcium, greasy matter and DHT to promote better hair growth. Its specific composition is reserved exclusively for men.

Feminine Complex Lotion: A concentrate of organic active ingredients from milk and sulphur-rich amino acids designed to stimulate hair follicle cells and regulate the hair cycle. Its composition is designed exclusively for women.

Masculine Complex Lotion: A concentrate of organic active ingredients from African kigelia, sage and ginko biloba designed to stimulate and revitalize the scalp. Its decalcifying properties help prevent the hardening of sebum, salts, and impurities in the follicular funnel. Its composition is designed exclusively for men.

Thinning Hair

Stimulating Complex Lotion: A concentrate of active ingredients made of amino acids, proteins and vitamins, designed to restore vitality and body to fine hair bulb and strengthens the hair staff.

Other Scalp Issues

Dry Scalp Lotion: For a dry and indurate scalp. With its high concentration of hydrolyzed corn-starch, sweet almond oil, arnica oil and St. John’s wort oil, this lotion is specially designed as a superior scalp hydration treatment.

Oily Scalp Lotion: For oily scalp and Seborrhea. With its high concentration of camphor oil and Chinese mint, this lotion is designed to calm sebaceous glands and stop bad odours and itching due to an oily scalp.

Bactericidal Action Lotion: for oily disorders. Sanitizing concentrate with a high organic sulphur content combined with alcohol to deep cleanse oily scalp and oily skin.

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