Well Being Chemo Care Kit

Anybody gong through treatment needs this product.  Térapo Médik scalp products should be  used  both to minimize the negative effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy while promoting  growth of new hair.

Start this kit the day you of your first chemotherapy treatment.  Alternate the two different shampoos daily to ensure your hair follicles don't go dormant. 

People undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy have much less active sebaceous glands and papillae, causing the skin and scalp to become very dry. To prevent thinning due to hair follicle shrinkage, their sebaceous glands must be stimulated.

With the Térapo Médik line, you can moisturize your scalp throughout the therapy period, using gentle, natural products that were specially designedfor their condition.

 Then kit Includes 2 shampoos (250 ml) and 2 lotions (90 ml)

Our #1 Product for good reason- this product line is the only line that addresses the scalp not hair.  During treatment women will often use their body wash for their entire body including their scalp or switch to baby shampoo.  Both of these cause added scalp irritation.  Also, many organic brands that have essential oils can be too reactive.  

With the chemo kit our clients have had less issues with red bumps, feeling of tightness and scalp irritation.  The added bonus of seeing their hair grow back quicker and individual hairs stronger and thicker.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I used the well being chemo care kit as directed from the time my hair started falling out at the start of chemotherapy, throughout the remainder of my treatment and continuing to do so as my hair now grows back about 1 month past the end of radiation (2 months past end of chemo). They did a good job of leaving my head feeling clean, moisturized, and comfortable during treatment, but if I went a few days without washing and moisturizing my scalp i noticed itchiness and greasiness return. Now I am impatiently awaiting my hair regrowth, but I am pleased to say it looks like my hair is indeed growing in with nice density and I have had no issues with bumps or ingrown hairs during regrowth. Would recommend.

Marie Brunet

I just started to use it so I can’t say much about it yet

Jackie Hill
Scalp feels renewed

I’m alternating the shampoos as per the instructions and they help reduce the pain/itching of my scalp while I’m losing my hair. I’m sure they’ll be great on my scalp once all the hair is gone. The lotion calms everything down and I use it in the morning and again before bed. Really glad that I made the purchase.

Debbie Marschlik

Thank you

Nice kit.

My husband Al purchased the chemo care kit for me. I really like the product, makes my scalp feel nice. I hoping when my hair decides to start coming back in the shampoo will be good I am sure. Thanks Deb


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