Hair Loss. Our Approach.

We understand the new needs you have and the concerns over looking like yourself after your hair thins or you experience total hair loss.  We aren’t a regular salon that has added a wig area.  You are our main focus.  We have prided ourselves since opening to ensure you’re our first priority. Compassionate Beauty offers hair products and salon services to help you through each stage of hair loss and post-treatment hair re-growth.

The Experience.

A tentative Eileen walks slowly through the doors clinging to her daughter. They have clearly been crying. It is a moment where the realization of the effects of the treatment is her reality. It is time to deal with the most challenging side effect for most women, hair loss. As they pass the doors, they hear the soothing sound of the relaxation music; they see glow of candles and the beautiful chandelier.

As her eyes scan the area, they notice the warmth of the environment, the gentle beige and pretty pink couch, all soft touches that quickly remove any thoughts of hospital, treatment or painful procedures. The shift in her energy is palpable. Very quietly Eileen says she has an appointment for a wig fitting. Our receptionist smiles and warmly says; “We know this is hard, but I promise you will feeling more in control.”

Eileen walks into the private wig room and finds herself seated in a lovely room. She is fit for a wig, has her head shaved and enjoys a scalp massage… She leaves with a beautiful customized wig, products for washing her wig, cozy bed caps to ensure she is comfortable at night, outdoor, hats and a new relationship with a support network that not only understands but has the many products she will need to find her new normal. Eileen and her daughter plan their lunch spot. They leave with dignity and a smile.

At Compassionate Beauty We Believe in The Old Fashioned Value of One on One, Face to Face

We Look Forward to Meeting You