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No one wears wigs 24/7. Compassionate Beauty™ has a beautiful array of headwear– head scarves, hats and sleep caps–specifically designed and manufactured for women dealing with hair loss due to alopecia, chemotherapy, or other medical reasons. Our head coverings will not only flatter you but are made from the highest quality materials that will keep you comfortable indoors and out.

Sleep Easy.

Many women experiencing medical hair loss find that they are cold all the time, especially at night. This is not surprising given that the key role of hair is to provide protection against heat loss. Hair traps air next to the skin to provide an invisible, insulating layer. Whether your hair loss is temporary or permanent, quality indoor headwear is important for your comfort as well as your confidence.

Sleep Caps:

A sleep cap is very important for your comfort and warmth. Made of 100% cotton, our sleep caps are completely smooth inside without any thick seams to put pressure on your scalp and cause you pain or discomfort. Sleep cap tip: Wear your sleep cap under a hat for added comfort.

Indoor Hats and Head Scarves:

Indoor hats and headscarves are a fashionable and comfortable addition to your indoor wardrobe and give you some freedom from wearing a wig all the time. We have a great assortment of indoor hats and head scarves in 100% cotton in addition to other comfort materials including stretch lace and silk. Indoor hat and scarf tips: A hat without a brim will increase your comfort. Leave a hat or scarf in the kitchen as a reminder not to cook in your wig. Head scarves can be worn on their own or under a hat.

Outdoor Hats and Head Scarves:

Outdoor hats and head scarves are perfect for an active lifestyle or for any outing. Coordinate your outdoor hats and head scarves with your outfits for a fashionable and confident look. Our line of hats includes hats for winter, summer, sun hats, golf hats, tennis hats, hats for the beach, and more. Outdoor Hat and Head Scarf tip: Head scarves can be worn on their own or under a hat. Turbans are a very popular style and can be worn alone or accessorized to create a very personal look.

Ease of use

The head scarves that we carry at Compassionate Beauty™ are designed with ease of use in mind. They are all pre-tied so you will never have to struggle with learning how to fold and tie a scarf around your head. We carry head scarves appropriate for all seasons, temperatures, and climates in a great selection of colours and fabrics.

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