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We know wearing a bra isn’t always the most comfortable thing. Don’t feel that you always have to wear a bra now that you are wearing a prosthesis. We carry a range of mastectomy shirts and active-wear that feature a built-in shelf bra to accommodate your breast form and can provide support to your natural breast as well. Our tops come in a variety of sizes and are manufactured to fit and flatter the female figure.

Be Active with a Swim Prosthesis. There are many reasons to include a swim form in your new wardrobe basics.  The swim form is made of a durable grade silicone and is able to withstand the heat of a hot tub our sauna so you can still take part in the activities you so enjoy. The swim form is also more buoyant and floats like the natural breast in the water. You may wear your swim form as an alternate for your breast form during exercise, when less weight is wanted but balance is still important.

Peace of Mind. It is never easy to get back into the pool after breast surgery, but knowing that there are choices and construction that will allow you back in the water with more confidence.  The key differences in mastectomy swimsuits are in the construction of the suit, there are pockets right in the suite that will hold your swim prosthesis in place. Many suits feature figure-control panels for extra smoothing and firming, or a slightly higher neckline for more modesty.  You can see in the photos (needs to go if we are not going to be using images on the website), most designs are made to.

Fashion Forward Suits. With suppliers from Europe and North America, you can pick between a wide range of designer swim suits in an array of styles and colors that are sure to flatter any figure and are specifically designed for women who have undergone breast surgery.camouflage any differences between breast shape and size.

Care. To ensure your swimwear remains in good condition and does not fray or fade, you should always ensure you follow the special care instructions supplied with each garment.

The following guidelines will also help you:

Do not leave wet swimwear rolled up Rinse your swimwear thoroughly after each wearing Do not wring, just squeeze gently to get rid of excess moisture Wash in cold or just lukewarm water with a gentle detergent Follow the washing guidelines supplied with each garment Do not dry in full sunlight

Whether it’s Zumba, Pilates, the gym or a fitness class we have a range of co-ordinating active wear products to keep you looking good and moving freely. All of our tops have a built-in shelf bra with pockets for a full or partial breast form. We offer Camisole, Padded Soft, Padded Underwire, Soft, Soft lacey, & Sports Bra’s. We also carry a wonderful active breast form option perfect for not only athletics, but swimming as well.

Sports Bras

Our sports bras are a great addition to our performance line! These bra can handle high impact activities with supportive construction. Wide straps make them a comfortable option for lower impact activities as well. Choose from a variety of colours to suit your athletic wardrobe.

High-Impact Line

For higher impact activities, we have a great selection of active wear tops and capris, constructed with a high-end technical fabric called Naturexx. Naturexx wicks moisture away from your body, and its natural fibres dissipate heat to preserve your energy for optimal performance.

Activeflow / Aquaflow Breast Form

This is a great breast form for both athletics and water sports. This lightweight form features quick dry material, breathable foam, and is filled with small beads that mimic a natural breast when swimming or laying down. Each breast form comes in a waterproof satin bag in order to maintain discretion at the gym or pool locker room.

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