Compression Bra for reduction / reconstruction

Why you should NEVER wear a  sports bra after surgery


Post-operative care plays an important role in how the results turn out. Sports bras are great for sport, there is no discussion about it, but they are less ideal after surgery as this is not their intended purpose. Instead, a compression bra is a better alternative, and they have several advantages compared to a sports bra.  

Compression bras have been developed together with doctors to specifically meet the needs of women after surgery. They cover the entire operated area and are seamless to prevent chafing on sensitive skin. Additionally, they have a wider underbust band to improve lymphatic flow and reduce the risk of lymphedema. Specially knitted zones offer support and stability to affected areas. The straps are wide, easy to adjust, and provide full support without causing discomfort on the shoulders or back. A front closure offers 3 levels of adjustment to adapt to every postoperative stage and individualized fit.


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