The post breast cancer bras we carry, in styles that you’ll love.

The most common mastectomy bra that we suggest is molded seamless bra, so that even under the lightest top a smooth attractive silhouette is achieved. We have many different varieties of bras to suit your everyday needs. Smooth T-shirt bras, light lacy lingerie, or even an under-wire if that was what you have always worn.

Note: under-wire bras are not discouraged by breast surgeons. Today’s mastectomy bras with under-wire more body friendly and are shaped to allow more room and comfort.


Before surgery most women have a wide range of bras to choose from depending on the day and what they are wearing.  You will probably want to build your lingerie drawer with bras that will allow you to feel comfortable regardless of your outfit or activity. At Compassionate Beauty, we carry a wide variety of bra types from sports bras, to T-shirt bras, to sexy lace bras.


Go Confidently

Many women fear that when they bend down their surgical scar will show. If your scars are a concern for you, we carry line of camisole bras that will provide extra modesty. As you can see in the photos below, the bra has a lacy insert that will not only look pretty, but also offer you added confidence.

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