Hair Loss – Wigs

Style and Artistry.

Styling and shaping wigs is truly an art form. Our compassionate team includes licensed hair dressers with expert training in wigs, wig styling and cutting, wig systems, hair restoration, and scalp care. Whether you have purchased your wig, piece, or system from us or not, our capable team can help you care and maintain your products.

We offer the following services:

Wig Styling
Day-to-day (curling, flatiron)
Special events (parties, weddings, etc)
Steamed styles for synthetic wigs
Wig maintenance
Conditioning baths
Washing and refreshing treatments

Drop your wig off to us for some tender loving care and pick it up the next morning. Or, book a massage while we care for your wig so you can leave our doors feeling relaxed and refreshed.

At Compassionate Beauty, we offer:



We will ensure that your wig fits properly on your head, which in turn will help to alleviate the many skin issues that can be caused by an ill-fitting hair piece. In addition to fit, proper trimming, thinning and shaping of your new wig is very important to make you comfortable and feeling as much like yourself as possible.All these services are included with the purchase of your wig. Our certified and well trained stylists understand the intricacies of the wig’s construction and are able to use their skills to give you a perfect fit and look.

At Compassionate Beauty We Believe in The Old Fashioned Value of One on One, Face to Face

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