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Just a quick note to thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for your wonderful encouragement and support today when I came in to buy a breast and bra. As this is all new to me, how do you think it felt to walk out of your store feeling like a whole person again? Well let me tell you, I did not think that it would have had as much of an impact on my self esteem as it did. I went to meet some friends for coffee after seeing you, and the look on my face must have told everyone that I am confident, healing and doing as well as can be 1 week after surgery, which I am. My friends I think were expecting me to only be showing one breast and when I looked as normal as always, I think they were pleasantly surprised. I have already told some friends about what a wonderful set-up you have, so you should be seeing me soon again for some other beautifying treatments, and hopefully some other friends as well. I will also be going to a support group with some other women who have had recent mastectomy surgery on May 26, you can be certain that I will be tooting your horn at that gathering. I hope every women like me knows that you are out there fighting breast cancer too!

" Breast Cancer Survivor

Thank you for being my 'life-line'. You helped me face and live with some pretty tough things.

" Breast Cancer

You have made this past year for me bearable, with many "ah-ha" moments that filled my heart with love & hope for the future, not only for me but for the other fabulous woman who came before and since me.

" Breast Cancer

Thank you so much for all that you've done for me and all the woman whose lives you will touch with your amazing spirit-all my love.

" Breast Cancer

You have a wonderful place, a huge heart and the warmth of many woman.

" Breast Cancer Survivor

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful services. When I started to lose my hair from chemotherapy, I dreaded the idea of having to go to a regular salon to get my head shaved, also, I wig bank was definitely not for me for I did not want a used wig. Also, I wanted privacy. and there you were, with a wonderful and knowledgeable attitude. It was so meaningful for me and so less stressful, when I entered the doors of Compassionate Beauty. Your concept is right on target. I need somewhere to go where the staff understands and I feel safe. And, what a wonderful idea you have, offering other services, such as massage and make-up consultation. I hope I am not sounding vain, but it makes a WORLD of difference that I look like me. In addition looking better makes me feel so much better and I believe that this gives me even more strength to beat this disease. Thanks again,

" Cervical Cancer

It has been a great pleasure getting to know you a little the last few months. Thank you for all you do to make the lives of the survivors better!! You are a treasure!!

" Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

Thank you for your caring & compassionate services. I loved the wig and got many compliments on it. But also glad to be rid of it!! Hugs.

" Cancer Survivor

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