Adele European Hair Wig

Adele is  made from European hair with cuticle intact. Adele Features a
double woven Lace Top and Single lace in the front, that gives a natural hairline and realistic scalp look. Excellent for clipping or taping, a great option for wearers who experience
hair loss in the top/front areas.

* European Hair. Length: 17” (overall). Front: 11”, Nape: 11”
* Double Lace Top with Lace Front. Lined close-wefted back.
* 2 Tape Tabs with 2 removable combs

1b Black
2 Dark Brown
4 Med red Brown
6 Chestnut Brown
8 Ash Brown
10 Light Auburn
12 Light Golden Brown
14 Light Ash Brown
16 Honey Blonde
24 Pale Golden Blonde
613 Platinum Blonde

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