A major part of treating and maintaining lymphedema is the use of compression therapy. Using compression increases the tissue hydrostatic pressure and assists in pumping the excess fluid out of the limb and back into your normal circulation. In the intensive phase of treatment short stretch compression bandages are used following an MLD treatment to achieve a reduction in limb volume. Short stretch bandages have a high working pressure and a low resting pressure, this means that it is very helpful to exercise while wearing the bandages because of the force exerted during movement. At the same time they are also safe to wear during rest, including during sleep.

Once a reduction has been achieved (usually after 2 weeks of intensive treatment), a compression garment (ie. a sleeve or a stocking) is fit to maintain the progress and keep the limb from swelling. Depending on the individual, compression bandages are sometimes still used overnight. There are many different types of garments: off the shelf, custom made, and ones for night use.  It is crucial to wear a garment that is properly fit for comfort, safety, and to achieve the best results. This is why making an appointment with our experienced and certified fitter will ensure that you get the best garment to manage your lymphedema.

Night Garments.

For many, night garments become an important part in managing lymphedema. Nightly wrapping can be frustrating and tedious, but there are solutions to make the routine easier. Solaris offers a wonderful product called Tribute, which are revolutionary night garments that give the benefits of lymphatic drainage overnight. We are also certified to measure for custom night garments to ensure your products are as effective as possible. Learn more about Solaris Tributes here.


Compassionate Beauty also carries a line of fashion sleeves called LympheDivas. These sleeves can be purchased in addition to your regular compression sleeve.


Sleeves or stockings may also be purchased for preventative reasons. Long-haul flights, work-related swelling, or sport are all plausible reasons for you to book an appointment with our certified fitter.

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