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In the early days of my journey with cancer, I was told about a specialty shop located in Calgary, Alberta – a 2 ½ hour drive from our home city of Medicine Hat. Its name is Compassionate Beauty, and a friend had described the business as a place designed to meet the needs of women going through cancer treatment. In February 2010, I had become a member of the breast cancer society, joining millions of other women walking this same journey. As my incision healed and the swelling in my surgical area subsided, I made an appointment to visit the shop to meet with one of the trained, professional staff members.

“COMPASSIONATE BEAUTY!” The name itself speaks of love and caring and a sense of wholeness and prettiness, despite what has happened to your body. Upon entering the shop, I felt I had stepped into a sanctuary of femininity. Pink is the predominant color theme and suddenly I was enveloped in an atmosphere of daintiness and dignity. Above and beyond that was the tenderness and understanding of the staff as they greeted my husband and me and welcomed us into this haven of compassion, beauty, and love!

I was blessed to have Saundra Shapiro, the owner of the business, as my personal consultant that day. She approached the process of fitting me with a proper bra and prosthesis in a totally professional and business-like manner. At the same time, she displayed warm, sweet personality, a joyful spirit—and above all – a heart overflowing with compassion. She understood the journey I was on." Cheryl

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