Reflecting on the Past Ten Years at Compassionate Beauty

Reflecting on the Past Ten Years at Compassionate Beauty

on 10 May 2015

For the past 10 years I have lovingly opened our doors every morning. Seems like a lifetime now as I remember the many emotions that have encompassed those years.

Of course the sadness that led me to the concept of Compassionate Beauty followed by the proud moment when the general contractor told me that my opening date would be May 2, which was Louise’s (my best friend that lost her battle with cervical cancer) birthday.

The slow yet steady positive word of mouth that has made Compassionate Beauty a much-needed resource and referral destination by Tom Baker Cancer Center and others whom have walked this journey.

I want to walk a little through time of my years, starting with my desire to convey my reason and feeling about opening Compassionate Beauty. After many attempts with a national advertising company, they finally find the words that explain the business.

Because cancer is real, we are real.

Brilliant, tears welled up in my eyes. They understood and were able to articulate my feelings. To me this said it all. To this day, I still get comments on the slogan, many say I should change it to a positive, like Fortunately we are here, but personally I wouldn’t change a word. I stand true fast that I have seen cancer and all its pain first hand and through the eyes of thousands of women and their families, and I DO think it is so unfortunate that cancer is prevalent that their needs to be a cancer specific business.

Another Huge day, 2005- recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and just finished treatment, Dr Marla Shapiro from CTV News comes to Compassionate Beauty and films out of our store.

What a great day, watching her talking with our own women going through their journeys. Really sharing personal stories.

Then in 2007, My mother and part time helper at the store gets diagnosed with lung cancer and wins and then a short year later gets diagnosed with lymphoma and quickly becomes my poster girl. I am overwhelmed by the support that is given to us and even years later, women still walk in asking how my mom is. You see that’s the community we now live in. Compassion is the underlying theme for anyone faced with cancer.

In 2008 we were welcomed into Cancer Treatment Centers of America to showcase what and how we were able to bring comfort to their patients. For two year we trained the center in our services, from pampering pedicures during chemotherapy infusions, to in room shopping.

We have had thousand through our doors, we have witnessed incredible displays of courage, strength, fear and support. We have seen families turn lemons into lemonade and celebrate friendship and hope.

We have over the years donated hundreds and hundreds of no longer needed breast forms to both Africa and Mexico. After we sent out a newsletter just like this one, women started walking through our doors with prostheses that they no longer use, in order to help others less fortunate.

We have made a lot of friends and we have lost many friends. We are here for women and are committed to the communities around us.

In 2013 we opened Compassionate Beauty Kitsilano and 2014 Compassionate Beauty Surrey followed and now women in Vancouver and south of the Fraser valley or river can find the same products and services.

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