Compassionate Tips on Hair Growth after Chemo

Compassionate Tips on Hair Growth after Chemo

on 01 June 2016

You’ve done chemo, and now you are excitedly and expectantly waiting for your hair to grow back! Sometimes though, it can seem a bit slow, and depending on treatment, perhaps thinner or finer then what you had before.¬† We realize this can feel frustrating, and you may feel discouraged. You are so done with your wig, and are tired of wearing scarves.

One of the things we HIGHLY recommend that you do when you first start your treatment is to take care of your scalp. Just because you are without hair for awhile does not mean you get to ignore your scalp. Quite the opposite. We always recommend you using the Well Being Kit to keep your scalp in its best shape possible (ph balanced, clean, and moisturized with products that won’t cause any congestion in the scalp) during and after treatment.

As mentioned earlier though, sometimes the hair is thinner coming in. One of the products we suggest after treatment is the Feminine Complex lotion to help stimulate, and strengthen the hair as its coming in. One of its benefits is that it has a concentrate of organic active ingredients from milk and sulphur-rich amino acids – this is designed to stimulate hair follicle cells.


If however the follicle for some reason has been damaged, the hair will be thinner, and the growth may be stunted.A great tool to help encourage more growth is the iGrow.

iGrow combines high-quality lasers and LEDs for a more effective low-level light therapy. The lasers produce a wavelength of 655 to 670 nanometers that have been shown to increase cellular activity within the follicles. The LEDs, with their broader array of light energy, help provide complete scalp coverage. Effective and perfectly safe, this combination of red therapeutic light helps to rejuvenate the hair follicles.

We find the combination of the Feminine Complex shampoo and lotion and the iGrow a great team.

Top pieces have become a fantastic option as well to give volume, fullness, and coverage. They come in synthetic and natural hair, and in a variety of sizes depending on what your need is.

We match up the desired color. Then reshape and style the piece on you, and blend into your existing haircut. You would be surprised how many woman wear these pieces! You’ll be even more surprised how many people won’t know you’re wearing one!

If you have any concerns about how your hair is, or isn’t coming in, don’t hesitate to call us! There are options! We are here to help before, during, and after treatment.

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