Well Being Chemo Care Kit

People undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy have much less active sebaceous glands and papillae, causing the skin and scalp to become very dry. To prevent thinning due to hair follicle shrinkage, their sebaceous glands must be stimulated.

With the Térapo Médik line, you can moisturize your scalp throughout the therapy period, using gentle, natural products that were specially designedfor their condition.

Térapo Médik scalp products can also be used in care both to minimize the negative effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy while promoting  growth of new hair.

Includes 2 shampoos (250 ml) and 2 lotions (90 ml)

Our #1 Product for good reason- this product line is the only line that addresses the scalp not hair.  During treatment women will often use their body wash for their entire body including their scalp or switch to baby shampoo.  Both of these cause added scalp irritation.  

With the chemo kit our clients have had less issues with red bumps, feeling of tightness and scalp irritation.  The added bonus of seeing their hair grow back quicker and individual hairs stronger and thicker.



Customer Reviews

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Charlene Vescarelli

Makes my scalp feel nice and fifth.

Hazel Owen
Chemotherapy shampoo and lotion

A bit to soon to review only had it a short while. So far so good, only half way through chemo.

Cindy Nakazawa

Well Being Chemo Care Kit

Leukaemia Survivor
Love it

As some who has had multiple rounds of Chemotherapy I can tell you that these products really helped me.

I was given the kit as part of a gift basket from a couple of friends who had gone to Compassionate Beauty to check them out.
They also brought me the Lindi Skin products.

It was the perfect gift!! they both helped me feel like myself if that is possible during treatment.

thank you

Leslie Ann
Great product, pricey but well worth it.

I bought this kit of 4 products when i went for my wig consultation.
I must admit I was sceptical. It was expensive and with the wig and the shampoo kit to care for that, i was a little apprehensive.
But, i can speak from experience. The kit really works. My scalp didn't feel tight and dry. I had a NICE head. lol.
After my treatment was over i started the final lotion that was supposed to help my hair grow in. I kid you not, it did. MY hair came in healthy looking.
! year later, i always recommend this kit to anyone going having Radiation or Chemotherapy.


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