Clip-In Partial Wigs

Clip-in Partial Wigs and Hair Pieces



A hair piece is a partial wig that clips in and blends into your existing hair. Hair pieces are a perfect solution or women experiencing overall hair thinning, or hair loss in a specific area and want a great solution for daily-wear. Hair pieces come in all shapes and sizes, and the hair can either be natural or a high quality synthetic.




Hair pieces can be custom coloured to match your existing hair, and our hair stylists can also add lowlights or highlights to create added dimension and interest. A major advantage of a hair piece is that there is no damage to your natural hair, and any hair growth can continue underneath the piece.

Once you work with your technician to select the perfect hair piece, it will then be cut and styled to create a natural and polished look to suit your style. Prepare to have a great hair day every day with a beautiful hair piece!